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Exercise is good chiropractic health

Depending on what your specific trouble is, there will be specific exercises you will be doing both here in the office as part of your treatment, and some for home-rehab once you start getting stronger. All exercises will be tailored to your treatment for the best and fastest result and long term outcome. SPORTS PERFORMANCE, […]

What you can expect from Chiropractic Care in Our Office

First and foremost, your time is valuable and we understand that from the get go.  Punctuality on our end is one thing we will not falter on.   We do our best every day with every patient and sometimes…that takes time.  We are not the “5 minute chiropractic office visit,” and we don’t believe in long […]

What is Chiropractic?

By the very definition, Chiropractic is derived from the Latin words “Chiro” meaning hands, and “Practic” meaning practice….to “practice by hands.”  Chiropractic is the method by which a doctor provides treatment and care to his/her patient by pure knowledge of the body’s function as a whole, and the skill to assist in helping a body […]

Chiropractic vs. Standard Medical Care

It is most important to note that every kind of healthcare available has its place. Opinions are all across the board in regards to what is the best, the fastest, and the most effective. Like everything, what works for one doesn’t always work for another. And that applies to every person, every provider, and every […]

The many benefits to chiropractic.

We think mostly of chiropractic treatment in terms of lower back pain, neck pain, and headaches, but there are by far and large many benefits to chiropractic. The performance of the body as a whole is the key to longevity. What we eat, how much time we give ourselves to recover (sleep), what we do […]