Depending on what your specific trouble is, there will be specific exercises you will be doing both here in the office as part of your treatment, and some for home-rehab once you start getting stronger. All exercises will be tailored to your treatment for the best and fastest result and long term outcome.

SPORTS PERFORMANCE, we see many athletes from serveral walks of life. Let’s pick a few here that are my favorites.


CROSSFIT: In my opinion CrossFit is one of the funnest sports I’ve ever come across. I love it as much as I love eating and sleeping. Here’s the thing…

The uneducated person, the person who doesn’t know about a body’s performance will say…”CrossFit is dangerous, it causes injuries, you’re going to get hurt.” Well guess what…it’s a sport. Yes, injuries can happen, and are going to happen. That doesn’t make it more dangerous and leaving you more prone to injury that anything else.

What we see a lot of in regards to the sport of CrossFit is shoulder issues, knee issues, hip and ankle issues, as well as lower and mid-back issues. Let’s not leave out the neck though…Damn those HSPU’s, right?


TRIATHLETES: The endurance athlete. Oh man do I wish I could be one of those. What’s the component here that is giving you the hangup? Is it the catch in your stroke? Is it the knee over certain terrain?

With the Triathlete, we’ve got a multitude of avenues that could hinder performance. One of the biggest issues here is the nature of repetitive stress on a pretty large scale.

The triathlete is an impressive creature. The distance that’s covered and the stress the body is under is something to take into consideration. There is no doubt the fact of wear and tear here. And the training that goes into it all, it’s inspiring. In light of inspiration come sacrifice and with that my friends, we create injury. Again the question that I ask you is…”what is causing you pain? What do you keep feeling that doesn’t go away permanently?”

If you are dealing with something uncomfortable either before your race in your training, during your race (dear god forbid), or in the days after during your recovery, give me a shout. Let me take a look at you. Let us get you back on the road to a fast and long term recovery.


DISTANCE RUNNERS: With distance runners I’m just in pure awe. How you doing it and get over that mental block I’ll never know. If it’s further than 6.2 miles, I’m driving.

You’ve likely been running for years and you’re good at it. Really good at it. What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger, right? I don’t believe that applies to distance running. With distance running, what doesn’t kill you comes back to you in form of a repetitive on again off again PITA, and sometimes that goes on for years.

Here, without a doubt, we see repetitive strain of the knees, often times the ankles and hips, but primarily that knee. The question is though…is it actually the knees that is the problem? Or is it in fact the hips or the ankles? Your biomechanical gait, it goes through some crazy wear and tear with distance running. If you’r a runner, you know what I’m saying. I don’t need to go into detail here. If you’re feeling that lower body issue, talk to me about it. Let me hear what you’re going through. We can help.