We think mostly of chiropractic treatment in terms of lower back pain, neck pain, and headaches, but there are by far and large many benefits to chiropractic.

The performance of the body as a whole is the key to longevity. What we eat, how much time we give ourselves to recover (sleep), what we do to keep our body strong…these are key components to life. One needs to ask themselves, “do my bad habits outweigh my good habits?”

First and foremost is the topic of inflammation. I’m not referencing inflammation in terms of injury, but inflammation in terms of what chemical reactions occur throughout the day due to the food we eat. With what we know now about sugar and processed foods, our body’s are stripped down from the inside out faster than we can blink if we keep on the wrong food intake. Soda (might as well drink gasoline), processed food (if it comes from a plant, eat it. If it was made in a plant, pass on it), refined sugars/carbohydrates…if you want a good diet plan on how to gain weight and shed years off of your life, take a look at the USDA Food Pyramid…are you kidding me?

The key to health, the true guidelines to a healthy living (if you’ve never felt it, it’s really something)…Good old fashioned water (if you’re not getting at the very least half of your bodyweight in ounces, you’re not drinking close to enough water…the food your eat (clean red meats (grassfed and organic), poultry, and fish…Vegetables (Dark greens, Dark reds, bright yellows…put some color on your plate…healthy carbs (red and sweet potatoes, squash), healthy fats. These are the main components of health in your diet…get to it.

The function of the body in terms of daily activity, performance, meaning from the moment you wake to the moment to the moment your lay down to sleep. Do you have the work life that demands long periods of sitting behind the desk and the computer? Sure, you do. That’s 95% of us. We now have a classified diagnosis called “Tech Neck.” Yeah, you have it or you’ve seen it in your colleagues or kids. It’s that hunched forward body with a forward neck that looks like it’s either falling forward with the weight of gravity or your neck is an extra foot long and forward, or…you’re trying to create the perfect letter C from your feet to your head. All of this leads to loss of joint mobility and sub-core strength and core strength over time.

Do you exercise daily or do you consider yourself an athlete? Sure, that’s me, I do. Over the years, daily activities…that’s normal wear and tear. And yes, things break down over time. You might be a little stiff at first and that can and often does start years earlier. But it you’ve got something that’s more frequent now, more consistent…you’ve got an issue my friend. An issue with either joint mobility and mechanics and/or a soft tissue limitation due to a muscle firing discrepancy or restrictions in the tissue due to adhesions and binding between the muscles and the fascial planes (connective tissue for sake of long discussions about the body’s super impressive fascial planes). If you’re getting that shoulder issue from repetitive Snatch and Clean and Jerk, or your knee/hip/glute is having an issue because of the skeletal loading due to squat…you know something’s up.

I know just by reading this small discussion of daily food intake and daily activities, you’re familiar with something in your body that’s either going through some issues currently or you’re aware of something you’ve had in the past. Call me, text me, email me…let’s chat about it.